JACO Limousine's Mission Statement

We are committed to providing outstanding service with the most prepared chauffeurs that facilitate the events and moments that matter the most to our clients and passengers.

Train with an Experienced Operator

15 Years Of Experience In Luxury Chauffeured Transportation

“I would never otherwise have access to the people and events that I take care of here.”

Nick Lopez
Vice President of Operations

Hired in 2015 part-time as chauffeur and to assist with marketing efforts
*Pictured here with NBA Legend, Business Mogul and Philanthropist Magic Johnson

Train with Advanced Education & Quickly Become An Expert

Our training is classroom, road test and self-study.  Our chauffeur recruits are all provided the same opportunity.  Some will seize the opportunity and rise to the top, but most will not.  To meet client and passenger expectations, we can only retain top-performers.

Take Care of People

We are in the service industry.  We are uniquely positioned as the first point of contact as people fly into town, we are with them during their stay, and we are the last point of contact as they fly back out.  We are entrusted with ensuring safety, timing, dignity and confidentiality.  We are critically important to the events and moments that matter the most to our clients and passengers.

Execution Promotes Success

Availability, Ability to handle different vehicle types, knowledge of training, and execution determines individual success.  Consistency over time is a beautiful thing and that allows our employees to reap big rewards.

Do you have what it takes to push our team ahead?

Our strongest performers thrive on challenges and are adaptable to our passenger’s needs.  Our personnel consistently execute at a high level with performance that outpaces our markets.

JACO Limousine’s training program prepares our applicants with the knowledge base and experience necessary to make informed, competent decisions and consistently provide one of the highest levels of service in the US.

JACO Limousine & Transportation has quickly become the go-to provider in and around our 4 markets of service for other limousine and transportation companies across the US and internationally.  These “affiliate” partners consistently choose us to provide service for their clients as a result of our vehicle selection and reputation for delivering on the highest profile work possible in the industry.

JACO Limousine & Transportation has been honored as finalist for Limousine, Charter & Tour‘s National Operator of the Year as well as Luxury Coach and Transportation’s National Operator of the Year.  This prestigious consideration was in response to the following criteria: staff/chauffeur training, industry & community involvement, safety performance, use of technology, customer service and media/marketing.

JACO Limousine & Transportation is recognized by clients for having: 

  • Commitment to the newest model and up-fitted fleet
  • Well-groomed and professional chauffeurs
  • Reliability and on-time execution
  • Consistency
  • Respect and high regard for clients and passengers
  • Safety and service without compromise
  • The ability to create and facilitate experiences that go beyond being just “a ride”
  • A never say “no” attitude for our trusted affiliates


We Are Here To Help You With Any Questions You May Have

Absolutely, yes!  CDL’s are only required for buses and motor coaches (vehicles 16 passenger and greater).  Standard Drivers license and relatively clean driving record are required for employment.

Our chauffeurs have options.  For some, it is a secondary part-time way to enjoy what they do and make extra money.  For others, they have open availability and excel as a primary career.

We are a 24/7/365 business.  The majority of our trips are high level corporate related and occur between 6:00am and 8:00pm though we do look for personnel who excel in late night or earlier morning pickups and trips.

Once you clear our training process, pass driving history record check, background check, professional reference check and our compliance company gives the okay, you are on your way.  Performance dictates trip assignment and you have the opportunity to progress very rapidly here.

(1) Application (2) Initial Meeting (3) Day Classroom Training/Road Test (4) Self-Study of Training Materials (5) Compliance Assessment of Background Screen, Drug Screen, Driving History Record, Application Paperwork (6) Review of Understanding (7) Hire –  The entire hiring process could go as little as 1 week.

This is a cash tip industry and our personnel who know what to do and go out and do it, tend to gain the most.